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Over the next five years (2006-2010), MAPPA plans to:

  • integrate and coordinate MAP/NTFP-related issues with the ICIMOD programmes, namely, Policy and Programme Development; Natural Resources Management; Culture, Equity, Gender and Governance; and Information and Knowledge Management; for convergence of resources in a focused manner;
  • develop and strengthen partnerships with key nodal institutions in the ICIMOD regional member countries for national programme ownership as well as to scale up and  replicate good practices in conservation and sustainable utilisation of MAPs/NTFPs;
  • facilitate increased networking among regional member countries by providing timely, quality, and critical information through the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Information System (MAPIS) (
  • prioritise conservation and commercial use of important species according to specific agro-climatic zones in each country;
  • achieve convergence of knowledge, expertise, and resources at regional and international levels in the field of biodiversity conservation, demonstration models, commercialisation, technology, information, and policy and partnership development;
  • improve resources for conducting social and gender analyses and develop capacity to assess the social, economic, and conservation impacts of domestication and cultivation of selected species;
  • facilitate linkage of research with a national policy and development framework for MAPs through flexible, responsive, and locally adapted implementation frameworks;
  • investigate and develop mechanisms for increasing and integrating community benefits through access and benefit of MAP/NTFP resources especially focusing on local value-adding enterprises, quality improvements of  products, and capacity building in MAPs marketing and trade;
  • create a common platform for all stakeholders, to generate a win-win situation for all  including producers, processors, market intermediaries and customers, and the communities; and
  • assist regional member countries in developing, enforcing, and practicing standard and quality practices in traditional medicine systems.

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MAPPA is a network of development partners hosted by ICIMOD and supported by IDRC, The Ford Foundation and IFAD.
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